How to Clean your Deer Mount

At our cabin house we have many mounts.  A bear rug on the wall, 3 bucks, squirrels, a coyote and a boar.  That ugly boar scares me everytime I look at it.  It is hanging there on the left wall.   I can’t tell you how many times I was bent over cleaning the wall and carpet under it only to stand up, bang my head under it’s jaw and knock it off the wall.   Ummmm…..Mark, I’m sorry!

Here at home, we have more bucks, squirrels, fish, a coyote, oh heck the whole wilderness.  With that there is cleaning them.  To clean the buck, I take the vacuum and I run it up and down Bambi.  I look in his eyes (I know there is a tear there) and say a little pray to him and tell him he is safe and warm and not in the wild anymore.  He is admired by those that walk through the door, those that drive by and the curtains are open and those who are peeking in the window.  He is addressed each time by my 2 year old niece that comes in and says with a huge smile “Hellooo Bambi”.   She loves Bambi!  While vacuuming him and engrossed in thought, Mark walks in and says, would you look at him….his hair is up and down and all over.  Then he shows me the appropriate way to dust him.   Here are his cleaning tips for his precious mount:

  • Run vacuum downwards.  Not up and down.
  • Then run your hand down like a brush and smooth out his hair.  Sort of like you are petting him.
  • Take a dust rag and slightly, gently, clean the horns. Please make sure to be extra careful.  You wouldn’t want him to fall to the ground.   Your toe will hurt for days and then your husband will ask you why he looks crooked on the wall?  And then you will have to explain, with a questionable look on your face, that you have no idea.

There isn’t much to cleaning your deer mount but it is one of your most precious possessions that needs tender loving care.

7 thoughts on “How to Clean your Deer Mount”

  1. Yes, cleaning the mounts can sometimes be tricky. We have a full turkey in flight on the wall. Talk about hard to clean trying not to mess up the feathers. Also, at Christmas I usually put a sort of wreath around the shoulder part next to the wall or a ribbon with a big bow. Husband didn’t care to much for it, but everyone else got a kick out of it. I thought is was cute.

    I just found your site, you have some good stories. Now off to read some more.

  2. Lana, we don’t have a turkey yet. I can’t imagine having to clean that.

    Thanks for the comment and hope to see you around again!

  3. Nicotine is not what covers your deer unless you dumped a jar of it on the mount. You are talking about tobacco smoke residue, which is mostly a tar deposit. I would try using a spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol on it until damp, let it sit a few minutes & gently towel dry. You may have to do it 2 or 3 times to get the majority off.

    Obviously DON’T SMOKE while you are doing this!!!!!

  4. I dress our deer up for all occasions–bunny ears for Easter, a lovely summer hat, and a different costume for Halloween every year. Last year he went as Norman Bates. Very popular!

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