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It’s nice to see quite a few new deer hunting blogs.  It seems everyday more and more outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen are jumping into blogging.  Not only does this help provide a fresh perspective of other’s views but it helps to increase the outdoor communities.  

When I started my blog in September, it was actually to learn about blogging for work purposes.  While my husband was getting some hunting things together I decided to start a blog about the life with a hunter to see how it all works.  After the first month, I was hooked on blogging and found a lot of great and supportive people within the hunting communities. 

One of the things I’ve learned is if you want a successful blog you really have to take the time and visit other’s blogs and leave a comment because most likely they will return the favor.  Find outdoor forums and sign up and join in on the conversations.  Some may find their way to your blog and become a reader. 

There has been a lot of discussion on many hunting blogs about the image of hunters.  I would suggest spending the time and looking at other social networking sites.  I think this is a great way to spread the word, not only about your blog, but about hunting in general.  Prior to starting my blog, I wasn’t very supportive of hunting.  Yes, I supported my husband who enjoyed hunting but now I’ve found myself supporting hunting in general. 

What I hope to do over the next couple of weeks is list those networking sites that I’ve joined and share them here.  If you are new to blogging and have setup your deer hunting blog, visit the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.  They are a great supportive group.

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  1. That’s funny – I started my blog because my students were using Blogger to present class projects, and I wanted to show them how to use it more effectively. I made a class blog, then thought, “Hey, this is cool,” and off I went.

    I think the really important thing hunters need to do is get beyond preaching to the choir! We need to get our message to people who don’t already understand it. My boyfriend’s doing a great job with his blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, because he’s bridging the world of hunters and the world of foodies. I don’t think you have to have a crossover blog, but if you just go comment on other blogs and forums when it might be relevant to mention hunting, you can have a pretty big impact. (I get tons of hits that come from food blogs now). Commenting on general interest newspaper stories is also really important.

  2. I’ve got to agree with Holly, we need to push our message past people who already support what we do. That’s why blogs like yours, Jody, and Hunter Angler Gardener Cook are so important. They’re written by people who have a foot in more than one world, or who don’t hunt themselves but support those who do. That is of such value because people who might not otherwise take the time to learn about the hunting lifestyle may be encouraged to do so.

    Thanks for the kind words about the OBS too. I’m glad we’ve been able to do some good.

  3. The OBS is an excellent community for beginners and experienced bloggers to be involved in. I agree that commenting on other sites is one sure way to attract readers to your blog as well. All great ideas Jody.

    I’m interested to see what social sites you are a part of as well.

  4. The great thing about all of these outdoor blogs is that the search engines love them. Our message is available to anyone who wants the information. I am amazed sometimes to see the search terms that lead people to my site. I am sure that people who are just looking for fodder to blast hunters can find plenty of it with a Google search. However, people who are looking for information on hunting and hunters will find plenty of great material too. These blogs, though often written to share with people of like mind, present a great view of hunters and hunting to both non-hunters and anti-hunters.

  5. I find that I am attracting some readers from some of the “mommy” blogs and etc… that I read and comment on too – they normally only comment on my mommy posts but when they are at my blog I think they might read my hunting posts too so maybe I am spreading the good word about hunters and hunting too, I hope I am anyway because that is a big part of who I am as an individual and who my family is as a unit – I enjoy the all hunting/outdoors blogs but I also think we need to have more blogs that are just about our lives – hunting, cooking, being a mom, a wife, a professional and all the other things we do too.

    I have to agree that taking the time to comment on other peoples blogs helps to build your readership

  6. I started my blog to try and make some extra money. But I never realized how much I would enjoy it. I am facing having to trasfer out of state away from my family. And I am very stressed about it. Doing the blog is such a great way for me to relieve some of that stress. Now I have a passion for blogging about hunting. I think we do need to show the world that hunters are great people. And do a lot for the preservation of wildlife habitat and wildlife. For future generations to be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

  7. My husband was thinking of starting a hunting blog.
    He has gathered so much information on hunting in our area and has so much experience, he thought it would be nice to have a place to share all that.
    His ultimate goal is to become a guide full time, but for right now he does it just for friends part time.
    I think a blog would be a great way for him to start get that ball rolling while he is still young enough to make a big work transition. Do you have any suggestions?
    Until I found you via Entrecard, I had no idea hunters were out there in the blogoshere!
    I wrote a post about how much money we save by never having to buy meat and doing our own butchering and people where like…What???!!!??? LOL.

    Take Care and any suggestions you have for my Hubby would be greatly appreciated!


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