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This winter has been long, cold, snowy, rainy, and the hours I’ve been spending on the computer has added much more junk in this trunk.  I am in desperate need of some fresh vegetables from our very own garden.  

I’ve been craving a burger on the grill with nothing on it but a couple of fresh sliced banana peppers and the zucchini bread my neighbor makes for us every year. 

This is our list of the vegetables we plant:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Green Peppers
  • Banana Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Green Onions
  • Green Beans

We’ve never grown herbs but I think I might give it a try this year. 

Coming in May, I plan to post our step by step garden process.

Do you grow your own vegetables and herbs?  What’s in your garden?  The Hunter’s Wife would like to know.

12 thoughts on “Whats In Your Garden”

  1. I’d love to have a garden but we don’t have room – I think this year I’m going to help my mother-in-law with her garden – that should be fun!

  2. Well, Boyfriend’s the garderner, but I’ll answer because I’m the eater: rosemary, sage, lavender, oregano, thyme, lemon verbena, artichokes, a fig tree and a lime tree in the front yard; sugar peas, kale, parsley, lovage, fennel, fava beans, garlic, chard, various lettuces (not for much longer – we hit 90 yesterday), sorrel, anise hysop, cardoons, zillions of tomatoes and peppers, mint, zinfandel grapes, Mission grapes, a spliced Meyer lemon/orange tree, pear tree, and a very old almond tree in the back. Sometimes pumpkins and zucchini too. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. We also have some medicinal things: echinacea, ellacampane (sp?), and some others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

    So, yeah, we live in California.

    Fascinating thing: When I left Minnesota to come house-shopping here, I looked at 22 houses, an every single one of them had a fruit or nut tree in the front or back yard. Many people here don’t even eat the fruits of their trees – we see oranges that just drop to the ground every year.

    But we are truly blessed with this climate.

  3. I can’t stand working in the garden to be honest. I will say though that last year the father-in-law and wife did one in our back yard and I did enjoy the fresh veggies.

  4. Oh nice!
    Since I finally have my own house, I want to start a garden. So far I’ve got beans growing in seedling pots. Eventually I would like to grow everyday vegetables like tomatoes, parsley, carrots, peppers and broccoli (I wonder if I can? we LOVE broccoli) and zucchini is a huge favourite too!

    I would love to read about your garden adventures! 😀

  5. I currently live in an apartment, but I’m thinking about finding a community garden space where I can have a plot this year. Since I’ve started eating better I’ve really come to appreciate fresh vegetables, and also learned how expensive they can be in the store. It would be fun to grow my own.

    Either that or I need to find a boyfriend like Holly’s. A man who cooks and gardens, what could be better?

  6. I love to garden! Fresh herbs are the best. Rosemary, basil (can’t get enough of that) and sage. I dont have the room I did before but I will have these. Tomatoe’s are a must. I might try growing this year in the containers. They seem to work for everyone else.
    If anyone is looking for ideas, Jean Shepherd is having a Home & Garden Show on April 26th & 27th. Come check it out!!!!
    Happy growing everyone, they even have patio containers for tomatoes.
    I love spring and the growing season of summer!

  7. Where we live now we don’t have a lot of room for a garden. I used to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers, cantaloupe, green beans, and strawberries.

    You have me missing all that now! I may build me a couple of raised beds, and try to raise some vegetables or strawberries.

  8. Blessed, it is so worth it.

    Norcal, I’m impressed. If I’m ever out your way I am inviting myself to come and eat at your place.

    Arthur, Mark enjoys doing the gardening.

    Lisa, As I told Blessed – it is so worth it.

    Kristine, that would be a good man to find.

    Robin, I will post about the Home & Garden show.

    Haley, I can help plant and pick the veggies but I’m not going to rotortil.

    Kris, oh yum cantaloupe.

  9. Hi all , we live in fl but hunt S.C. and yeah our garden is doing great,,,, we have 1 roll of the following…..leaks-potatoes-turnip greens-okra-broccoli-chick peas and 3 rolls-tomatoe-lima beans-black eye peas-green onions, planning to plan some collards and some hot pepper too …….but all doing great …..hey it’s a great workout just keeping the weeds out……..thank you for asking about my garden…..and love to read your web site ……tammy from melbourne fl.

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