The Pink Lighted Fishing Pole

A few months back I showed all of you my newest purchase which was the pink lighted fishing pole.  What I love about this fishing pole is that when you spin the reel it lights up.

I was so excited to take my new fishing pole to Kentucky with us and couldn’t wait to use it and let all the guys on the water notice my pole.  As my husband and I sat fishing near a bridge I waited in anticipation for the first boat to pass.  As the boat was approaching I look over, they did the head nod and I quickly started reeling in my line so they could see my disco of a ball fishing pole.

They never noticed.

The next boat, same thing.  Another boat same thing.

My husband had no idea what I was doing until I confessed and complained about how men on boats never noticed my rod let alone me.  His explanation is they are here to fish not check out girls and their rods.

What is wrong with these fishermen!

Maybe next year not only will I have my pink lighted fishing pole but a sparkly pink bikini to match it.

Video of the pink lighted fishing pole glowing in the dark:

If you’d like to purchase a pink lighted fishing pole, please contact me at

Thank you all!

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24 thoughts on “The Pink Lighted Fishing Pole”

  1. I’m guessing that a sparkling pink bikini would attract some attention. If you ever try that you definitely have to share the story.

    The light up reel probably won’t attract as much. Guys, in general, don’t get excited over that sort of stuff like women do.

  2. Trust me, I would notice the bikini right off! The pink lighted reel will be a great conversation piece when I pull up to your boat. This is funny, funny stuff!

  3. My goodness! Those guys just don’t know what the best fishin’ poles are to get do they?

    More power to you if you try the sparkling pink bikini. 😉

  4. All of my fishing gear is pink and for a very good reason…I don’t want any of the boys I fish with taking my gear. I can be assured of this since even my tackle box is pink…I don’t know about distracting them with a bikini, but I have found that if you catch a bigger fish than thiers, it makes a difference:) I think the fish like the pink too.

  5. I actually just picked one of these up at Dick’s Sporting Goods. $29.99 for the rod/reel combo. I can’t wait to use it at night when we go for Carp!

  6. hey would love this gift for my wife . if you could send me info on this so i can oreder for christmas i would really appreciate it . Thankyou

  7. My wife was talking with one of her lady friends and she too had purchased the pink rod and real that lit up when you real the line in,..Of course my wife wants one as well..Her friend bought it in Fl about a month ago and I have no ideal where I can find one for her…She would love to get it for Valentines day…

    Please help ..thanks Roy

  8. hey i just wanted to let u know i have that pole and last year the guys drove around the lake to ask us about it. id love to find on that does that but is closed face cause my daughter loves that pole

  9. I got mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Kennesaw Ga, and I love it!! I love everything PINK! we fish all the time. and i knew when I saw it i had to have it!!

  10. I just bought this rod … love it!!! Of course, the guys I go fishing with did’t appreciate it … and as soon as it got dark, they couldn’t get enough of it!

  11. I fell in love with it when I was playing with it at the store and I wish I would have gotten it at the time. Anyone know what the name of it was? Brand? Anything about it?

    1. Not only is pink my favorite color, I love to fish and when my cousin came over and told me his wife just got a pink lightup fishing pole I had to try and find one. That’s when I came across your website…I love your story…please update when you try out the pink swimsuit…and if you succeed on turning heads…I will definitely try

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