An Experienced Angler – Maybe One Day

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Over the past few years of fishing with my hunter I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what it would be like to fish without him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing with my hunter.  I love just swinging my body and pole around and having my hunter take my fish off my hook.  But I’m beginning to realize that I’m not just fishing to fish.  I’m not just fishing because he does.  I’m not just fishing to take a vacation.  I’m fishing because I really do enjoy it.

But there are many issues I struggle with.  I want to be able to put the line on my rod myself, take a fish off the hook without fear, when my line breaks I want to be able to put all the thingymajiggers back on, I want to be able to take the boat out and drive myself, everything an experienced angler would do.

Then reality kicks in when we get to the boat dock.  I panic and jump out of the truck while my hunter backs the boat in, ties it to the dock and then pulls the truck out.  Then I promise myself I would start out with a small fish and take it off the hook.

On our last trip, I caught a tiny, little, itty, bitty fish.  I turned my back so my hunter couldn’t see me.  He would have insisted I give him my line but I wanted to do it for myself.  With my back to my hunter, I try to grab ahold of the fish without screaming then the fish flip flops on my line and I just can’t bring myself to touch it.  My hunter finally notices and grabbed the camera.  I tried and tried but I just couldn’t do it without, well ….

my handi-wipe

Isn’t he cute!  I would say I’m making a little progress.

20 thoughts on “An Experienced Angler – Maybe One Day”

  1. A handywipe? I guess that whole post I wrote about how to take a fish off the hook meant nothing to you. You’re suppose to use your shirt sleeve, not a handywipe:):):):)

  2. That’s progress. One small step at a time, Jody, one small step at a time.

    I totally identify with this post. I love fishing with my Dad and my Uncle, but they’re so conditioned to setting things up for me that I don’t really have to do anything but hold the pole. Guess I need to let them know I can handle things myself.

    Kristine Shreves last blog post..Do Hunters Care?

  3. Arthur, Didn’t want to get my shirt sleeve slimey.

    Kristine, Maybe within the next few years I will progress to the next step. No handi wipe.

  4. Still cannot believe Miss Park Ave fishes let alone take the thing off the hook…but at least the nails are still painted nice and pretty

  5. Hmm. Progress? I suppose. There is the option of crimping your barb, so that hook removal is real easy – in fact, you can do it most of the time without touching the fish. Of course, it’s also a little more difficult to land the fish in the first place, but it might be something to look into!

    Tom Sorensons last blog post..Another Buck Down

  6. I’m with Jer. I can’t believe that you fish to begin with. But, the wipes, so you. That’s funny. Uh, ya, what was Tom talking about. ha ha What a cute fish, though. What kind is that?

  7. Omg! You make me laugh. I would love to hang out with you. Don’t worry.. I’m not a stalker. Well, a blog stalker, but not a real life stalker. :-)

    I have a friend who loves to fish and it was one of her requirements when looking for a “boyfriend”. I’lll probably share your story with her.

    DeeBees last blog post..More of our road trip to Miss. State

  8. Hi Jody! Thanks for commenting on my blog recently. I have been reading your posts, looking at your photos and enjoying your whole blog. When you visited my blog, did you realize I am a female charter captain specializing in empowering women to do the very things you mentioned wanting to do? Yep, I surely do. I have a US Coast Guard captain’s license and own my own fishing charter service. We fish mostly brackish and saltwater species down here and I’m sure Mark would love it.

    In 2009 I plan to offer workshops for women. We will set out crab traps, go fishing, learn to clean our catch, and cook local food with what we catch. We can learn all about reels and tackle. We might even learn to launch boats–it’s not that hard!! The possibilities are endless!!!

    Please come back often, and let me know how you get a gas card to give away!!!

    Your new blog friend,

    Bayou Womans last blog post..Sunday Afternoon Fishing

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