Good Morning My Very Own Wilderness

It’s morning.  I wake to the smell of coffee brewing.  My husband has left for the day.  The house is quiet.  The house is cold.  My bed is warm.  I decide to give it another 10 minutes.  I snuggle with the dog who’s sound asleep.  I roll over for just a few minutes more.  Coffee.  I need coffee.  I stretch and decide it’s time.  I wake the dog.  Coffee.  Can someone please bring me coffee?  Never mind.  It was only a dream.  Coffee.  I have to get it myself.  I grab my robe.  It’s still dark out.  The house is dark.  I stump my toe on the dresser.  Nope.  I didn’t say it.  It’s time to embrace the day.  I just need coffee.  I rub my eyes.  Head down the hallway.  I’m half asleep.  I try and focus.  I yawn.  I look up and there they are.  The first thing I see every morning.  The love of a hunter’s life.  My very own wilderness. 


buck 1

2008 Mount

buck 2

This is the final post about deer this season. The season is over and it’s time to talk about fishing. I’m tired of hunting.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning My Very Own Wilderness”

  1. Beautiful mounts. =) That’s a great buck from this past year. Tell your husband congrats.

    Good recap of the morning routine Jody. Sounds familiar.

    Good luck this season as fishing begins.

    I loved the Goofy Googler. Maybe there could be a fishing related Goofy Googler?

  2. We have FireDad’s first deer ever, his 2006 and his 2007 mounted. I should take pictures sometime.

    And? I hate when people say it’s “creepy.” It hurts my feelings.

  3. My wilderness only has one deer in it… but it does have a turkey fan, four ducks and a goose!

    Oh, and I think they are beautiful, and they bring back good memories of hunts and days spent with friends and family every time I see them.

  4. Creepy??? I see lots of women with those sad clown faces and other stuff like that in their houses, and I think those are way more creepy than my beautiful mounts.
    I just hate to hear that poor Mark only gets to have two nice heads in his home… oh, wait! When we moved in to our new house that is all that I was allowed in with :) that and two turkeys! The rest get to spend their days in my office or our shed, but that is the price you pay as a hunter to have a happy wife.

  5. Jody-Jody-Jody, deer hunting season is never to long and those pieces of art hanging on the wall all have a great story behind them that is to lived over and over until next year when you can add another art piece and story on your wall. I’ll buy the need for some Java in the morning though!

  6. That would take some getting used to. I would need protection walking down that hallway because I would be afraid the mounts would start moving and looking at me. Silly.. I know. But I’m a big chicken anyway.

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