I Get Shotgun

Remember those days of being a kid and you and your siblings would fight over who gets the front seat?  We called it “shotgun”.  Well, there comes a time when a wife has to say no and mean it.  We can’t always be the perfect wife and agree to everything.  At some point we have to draw the line and this weekend was one of those times. 

We were headed to Cabelas to have the buck my husband caught this past deer hunting season scored by Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett and Hoosier (Indiana) Bucks.  My husband (The Hunter) thought it would be best to have the buck placed safely in the front passenger’s seat.  The Hunter’s Wife, (that’s me), thought ummm no.  With that, our disagreement came alive.

TH:  I’ll drive and set him up front so he doesn’t get damaged.

THW:  Ummm, no.

TH:  It’s better to have him up front so he doesn’t fall over.

THW:  Ummm, no.

TH:  Well you don’t want a bunch of deer hair all over your back seat do you?

This is when he should have stopped at the first ummm, no.  Lets be truthful.  First of all, you would love to have him in the front seat proudly driving around town so that everyone that passes gets a good luck at Mr. Monster Bucky Buckson.  Then you would find a reason to somehow have to put your arm around him to hold him in place.  You might even consider rolling down the window so that part of his horns are flapping in the wind like some &*&* dog’s ears. 

Then where am I?  Sitting in the back seat freezing my @$$ off trying to hold on to my birds nest while you’re seating proudly up front with a smile on your face. Then some how some way the wind would blow Mr. Bucky Buckson’s at an angle so that he’s looking right at me as if he was saying, “Yeah, that’s right I got shotgun.” 

That’s right he got shotgun.  That is why I didn’t close his door all the way and in about 2.5 seconds his @$$ is rolling out the car door and down the hill.  Is that what you want?  You want to show up to Cabelas and when they ask how you harvested your deer I can proudly say, “Road kill.”

And with that I got “shotgun”.


 buck in a car


Thankfully Bucky Buckson made it safely to Cabelas to be scored. 

Scoring – Um, I’m not sure.

Which record books – I didn’t pay attention.

Then what were you doing – Um, sitting in the back of the room hoping not to be seen or heard.

To be continued…

14 thoughts on “I Get Shotgun”

  1. Oh, I was so excited when I saw the headline – I thought you actually got a shotgun, and all these fantasy hunts you’ve been writing about were going to come true!

    Oh well, I guess getting shotgun is the next best thing…

  2. My hubby knows better than to suggest that Mr. Bucky gets shotgun instead of me… I’m with NorCal though, I though maybe you really had finally gotten a shotgun and were going to get to go experience some hunting – oh well, at least you’re still telling great stories!

  3. Oh MY!! Yes.. I have to third that statement.. YOU GOT ME TOOO! I thought I was gonna click on over and see a beautiful new shotgun you got!!! Any the less…. I was still very entertained, and ummmmmmm I wouldn’t sit in the back seat even if it was MY bUCK!!!
    U got shotgun…..and you alwyas should! Way to stick to your “guns”

  4. Now, see….I know you…I knew it had to do with you getting the front seat. I just didn’t know you would be competing with a dead Bambi! That story’s too funny!

  5. Where’s all the guys comments on this? Am I the only fool?

    That is one beautiful buck, and dare I say he deserves ………….? What a coward I turned out to be! but a live one.

  6. Holly, Blessed & Rachel – I have decided my first deer hunt will only be with one and only. Tred Barta.

    Sue – I think we had a few “shotgun” fights back in the day.

    Kristine, If my trunk was bigger…oh never mind.

    Gary, I’d like to know…Where are all my male friends? Maybe I ran them off.

  7. I didn’t realize that you take bucks to be scored. I didn’t even know what you meant by scored until I read-on. One of these days I might actually know some things about hunting, if I can retain it for that long.

  8. I’m still curious what he scored. I know you weren’t paying attention, but some of us would still like to know:) Maybe that will be in the “to be continued” portion of this post.

    Mr. Bucky Buckson: Now that is funny.

  9. Man rule #1: Always leave the woman at home during man events such as this – or purchasing a new gun, computer, etc.

  10. Doesn’t Cabelas sell special car seats for stuffed buck heads? I say put him in a rag top sticking 1/2 way through the top and drive there Tommy Boy style :)

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