Cabelas Electric Smoker

For the past few months my husband has been wanting to purchase a smoker. We searched a few places and thought we’d wait until we found one on sale. While Christmas shopping at Cabelas we found our electric smoker.

The smoker was originally marked at $169.99 on sale for $129.99. We had a coupon from their mailing for $20 off $100 spent. But we had a problem, they didn’t have any more in stock so we were offered the display model with a 10% discount. Total price paid $ 98.99.  I’d say we found a very good deal.

And my hunter couldn’t wait to use it.
Cabelas electric smoker

In a snow storm.

So in went the chicken wings at 9:30 a.m.
chicken wings

If you notice the trays at the bottom, that is where you put your wood chips and there are many to choose from. Hickory, mesquite, etc.

Half way through Mark rotated the trays, added a little barbecue sauce on some and hot sauce on the others.

And out they came at about 12:00 p.m.
chicken wings

They were as good as they look.

Trust me.

And I refuse to  share how many hot wings I dipped in blue cheese. Oh Yum!

It looks like we will put our smoker to good use.  Tonight my hunter is cooking ribs in the smoker.

Have a good day all … I’m wondering if I can make cupcakes in there…

Maybe Susie Sorenson at Base Camp Legends would know.  When the Sorensons set up camp they mean business.  After watching many of their videos, I’ve never seen a camp setup like theirs.  And the food … oh heavens … Susie can cook anything on a campfire.

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12 thoughts on “Cabelas Electric Smoker”

  1. I don’t have my own smoker, but I’ve had many different types of food cooked in them, and I can tell you that the taste is definitely worth cooking in a snowstorm. Yum. As I’m sure you found out, Jody.

    And I love Suzee’s camp setups as well. They are incredible.

  2. My FIL gave us a smoker 2 years ago and we use it ALL the time. Our grill bit the dust this year so we’ve also been using it as a grill. Works awesome.

    Get a cover for it if you didn’t! I finally bought Hunter one last week to protect ours since we’re using it so much now.


  3. I love my smoker! I’m sure you two are enjoying yours. If you want, you can cold smoke the bleu cheese and make the dip for the wings.
    A friend of mine used to cold smoke everything from hard boiled eggs to blueberries (sounds a bit strange, but it was yummy).

  4. Sorry I live so far away and couldn’t make it over to lunch with you and Mark. My gosh, that looks absolutely tasty!

    Like Rick, I think I just might have to have one of those this year.

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting one myself. How do you think they compare to a regular smoker? Just wondered if the taste is alot different.
    Wings look delicious…I gotta go find something to eat now!!

  6. My hubby refuses to use anything except a charcoal smoker but my brother in law has that smoker and they love it (and don’t tell hubby but I can’t really tell a difference between the meat he smokes and the meat they smoke!) Congratulations on the price and the yummy meals!

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