Hunting Wives Club – I’m Not Allowed


I realized something today;

  • I will never fit in with women hunters because I don’t hunt.
  • I will never fit in with wives of hunters because I don’t complain about my husband hunting.

After reviewing my Google Analytics, I realized I’m not part of the hunting wives club.  Or wives of hunters club.  I’ll just never fit in with either side. I’m the loner.  No wonder I lay around during hunting season.  No one wants to be with me.  I’m the loser that lays around watching loves movies and eats.  And naps.  And eats.

Google Analytics can provide you with lots of information about your site and what others searched on Google that got them to your site. This is what some wives searched and how they got to my site.

The Wives of Hunters Club:

Wives against husbands hunting – This wife or wives were on my site for about 20 minutes. They were stalking me.  And probably talking behind my computer screen. “Is she crazy? She will ruin it for all of us.”

Check list for wives to give to husbands – My husband is a big boy and doesn’t need my check list.  He has his own.  Well except I do insist on one thing.  He has to wash his own whities.

Fat lazy hunting husbands – I don’t have one of those. Sometimes I wish I did. It’s hard pretending to be busy when your husband is doing all the work.

How to tell your wife you’re going hunting – I’m going hunting.

The Hunting Wives Club:

I love that I’m a better hunter than my husband – That is really mean to say.  You probably hurt your husband’s feelings.

My fish is bigger than my husband’s fish – I love when that happens and you bounce around the boat rubbing it in.

My hunting wife eats fireflies – What in the bug juice? Excuse me, your teeth sure are glowing today. What do you use?

Have a wonderful weekend all …  I’ll forever be a loner.

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11 thoughts on “Hunting Wives Club – I’m Not Allowed”

  1. LOL.. “how to tell your wife you’re going hunting” WTH ..
    around here Hawk would google.. How to tell your wife you think you are going hunting “without” her..

    You can be part of my club anything Jody.. Turkey season is here and it is time to pick up shed antlers and today.. I am laying around.. cuz it’s cold and snowing outside and the fire is a good place to be.. I may even have to bake something..

  2. Too funny Jody… if I ever form a club it will allow women, and you’ll get the second invite.

    My wife has done the bigger fish bop many times…if she didn’t I’d worry…life is about fun, and that’s part of it :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. You’re not a loner. You’re in the angling club which is open to anyone. You can come fishing with me when your husband goes hunting–on one condition: you can only use the wet wipes to wipe your hands, not the fish.

  4. Thank you all for inviting me to your club.

    And did anyone catch the “my wife eats fireflies” because I’m puzzled. Is this an outdoorsy thing I’m missing?

  5. Don’t get it either….my son doesn’t even eat them…not that he wouldn’t if given the idea, lol.

    Some bugs are funny (as in not so)…can have sharps and carry cooties….best do some research before tasting.

  6. Hey Jody you and I can make our own club because I’m not hunting right now since I have these two little ones to keep up with. The only problem is they don’t let me sleep in…

    eating fireflies… ewww, squishing them on my hand (when I was little) yep – but never, ever in my teeth!


  7. Don’t worry Jody, you aren’t the only one out there. My only claim to fame is I can out-fish my hunter anyday of the week and once had a Shellcracker Bream break my line and steal my bobber… I got even and caught him again and got the bobber back…if my husband had not been in the boat he never would have believed it….made him so proud he almost shed a tear.

  8. Your not a loner. My Mom loves it when my Dad goes hunting, this is her time to do the things that she wants to do. There are days that I wish my Husband would take the boys with him and go hunting and leave me alone for awhile…..then I miss them.

  9. I honestly don’t mind the hunting. I may try it somday…I want to start shooting a bow now. Anyway, it’s not the hunting. It’s the “kids are screaming and have been for hours, I can’t get a fire started, supper is almost done” and he comes it at peace from sitting in the woods for hours that gets me! LOL!

    Hunter tells me constantly during hunting season that I rock because I don’t complain very much. We EAT it. Why would I complain? It’s just those bad days with a 2 year old and a 4 year old that sometimes drag me down. :)

  10. I would think with the title of your blog you would have the upper hand in this blogging niche. People search for weird stuff. Anyway, I think your blog rocks, so keep doing your thing!

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