Michael Waddell On The Hunter’s Wife

Michael WaddellLast night I clicked on a link to the Black Bear Blog and there popped up a live like Michael Waddell advertising for Chevy.  It was like his whole body appeared right on your screen talking to you.

And oh my talking advertisement!

I want him on my blog.

Right after my whip sound I want Michael Waddell to pop up on my site and say  …

Hey y’all.  I’m Michael Waddell.  Did you hear that whip?  That’s right you’re at The Hunter’s Wife site.  And I think I just got spanked.

And ladies, I think he could totally rock this outfit!

Michael Waddell

‘Cause I’m guessing he doesn’t have any love handles.

Or a bear rug in the upstairs department.

But if he does, I saw a back shaver at Target last week.

And if that fails, waxing might be a little painful but it is oh so smoothly worth it.

And it last longer.

And seeing that the advertisement is of the talking kind, I’m sure he could totally pull off a few dance moves for us.

Rockin’ that outfit.

With music playing in the background.

~ Yee Haw ~ “Hillybilly Bone-ba-bone-ba-bone-bone ~ Collector”.

Have a good day all and for the record …  Michael Waddell doesn’t know me from the next bone he hasn’t collected.

And that is not his real body.

And waxing really does hurt.

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7 thoughts on “Michael Waddell On The Hunter’s Wife”

  1. Arthur, I may have to feature a few male outdoor bloggers as well. Don’t be shocked to see yourself.

    Stacey, thank you.

    heyBJK, Well aren’t you the southern gentleman. I doubt Mr. Waddell knows anything about The Hunter’s Wife.

  2. wow. That’s all I can say, wow. But hey, nice job on linking Waddell’s FB, twitter and website at the end of your blog, that was very nice of you.

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