Adventures with Barbie-Doo

Last week, after I wrote about voodoo dolls,  I had several friends come out of the woodwork admitting to pin poking voodoo dolls.  So I thought, well if they have one, what harm is there to having a voodoo doll.  Witch-like stuff scared me because I always thought it would somehow come back and haunt me or that I’d open the door to evil and an evil aura would surround me for the rest of my life.  But obviously I was of the minority of not rocking a voodoo doll. So I decided, I seriously need a voodoo doll.

So I searched Etsy because I thought I’d find a really cute and creative one.


Friends ….

Meet  Deathany


If that isn’t the cutest and most creative voodoo doll I don’t know what is.

So yesterday morning, while I was getting ready for work, I was having Deathany voodoo thoughts …

  1. Maybe if I get a Barbie it wouldn’t be as bad as having Deathany.
  2. I could rat her hair up. Like I electrocuted her.
  3. Dress her how I’d like. Barbie has a huge wardrobe.
  4. Come up with a name like Barbie-doo.
  5. Write about her once a week.
  6. Adventures with my Barbie-doo.

But I would never poke her with pins.

That is hateful.

And would hurt.

My Barbie-doo would experience a different type of being voodoo’ed from my reaction to her actions.

Like   …

OH MY GAWD! Would you PLEASE shut your mouth already!

And then I’d tape Barbie-doo’s mouth with duct tape.

Barbie Doo

The possibilities were endless!

This chick could seriously rock her own blog.

So, on my morning commute,  I thought …

I am so running into Walmart to get a Barbie.

And duct tape.

Wonder what the cashier would think?


Duct tape

WT … is she planning?


To be continued …

Have a wonderful day all … I’m off to counseling!

14 thoughts on “Adventures with Barbie-Doo”

  1. Not just “like I electrocuted her” – you should really electrocute her! (And frankly, anyone with a figure like Barbie deserves to be disfigured for saddling millions of girls with body-image problems.)

  2. Holly, I was thinking of using silly puddy when the real Barbie-doo is chomping on chips so I could stretch the silly puddly mounted on her @ss. “Yea, that’s right. Eat another chip.”

  3. ~silently thanks the fates and Barbie -Doo Voodoo Gods that Chief Jason will be along on the Carp Caper.. to protect and serve….. and apply handcuffs or other restraint devices as needed…. ~

  4. Its better than my thoughts of buying an electrified bird feeder to keep the squirrels from eating 12 lbs of bird seed in one day like they did yesterday. I wonder if Deathany or Barbi Doo would work on squirrels.

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