A Real Hunter’s Wife

This is what a real hunter’s wife profile picture should look like …

Jody Narantic

Did you notice …

Jody Narantic

Because I’m guessing real wives of hunters can cook a mean venison. Or boar. Or bear. Or squirrel …

But me …

  1. I would never touch a squirrel
  2. Or pluck the hairs off a squirrel
  3. Or shave the hair off a squirrel
  4. However you get the hair off a squirrel
  5. Or bop it in the head with the rolling pin
  6. Or flour a squirrel
  7. Or fry a squirrel
  8. Or chop it’s head off
  9. Or use it’s tail for a hat
  10. Or mink wrap

But I think I might just have to rock this profile picture for awhile on my Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!

And if you’re not one to just order a darn pizza and are looking for wild game recipes ~ visit Jodi Smith’s ~ Wild Kitchen

And thank you to Stacey Huston ~ A Focus in the Wild ~ for the cropping dangling squirrel image.


9 thoughts on “A Real Hunter’s Wife”

  1. That is a classic picture, Jody. Definitely need to keep that as the profile pic for a while.

    Squirrel and dumplings! It’s one of the few childhood memories I have of my “Granny D”. My dad and I would go hunting squirrels, and despite my five year-old antics, he’d usually manage to bag a couple. By the time they got back into the house, they’d be cleaned and quartered and Granny D would fix ’em up! Yumm!

    You can do it too, Jody!

  2. A male hog is a boar, not a bore, although you may find it boring to watch them. It’s never boring to hunt, cook, or eat them though.

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