Excited Outdoor Naked Camper Girl

Skinny dippingThe other day my husband and I were in the kitchen cooking. Okay … the other day my husband was in the kitchen cooking and I was helping. Stirring something. So I said …

Excited Outdoor Camper Girl: Umm … I think I’d like to go camping.

I’ve never been camping. Ever. I don’t even know what people do when camping. And my husband knows this.

Debbie Downer Husband: Jody, you will never last camping.

Which is probably true. Because I’ve never been camping. But I might like camping. People go camping all the time and seem to like it. That’s why they go back every weekend.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

Oh, going camping.


So if I have friends that like camping, I might like camping.  And not that I ever asked what they do camping because when they say, “Oh, going camping”  I normally think to myself, “Eww camping”.  But I would never say, “Eww camping” out loud.  So I hurry and change the subject.

Excited Outdoor Camper Girl: Well I would like to go camping.

And this is when my husband tries to convince me camping is not for me.

Debbie Downer Husband: What are you gonna do camping?

And this is when you really want to do something so you talk really fast in order to convince the other person your idea is a good idea and you know what you’re talking about. When you really don’t.

Excited Outdoor Naked Camper Girl: I don’t know-sit by the fire-have beer-go skinny dipping.

And that was it.

That’s all I had.

How in the burnt smores would I know.

I’ve never been camping.

Have a good day all … and if you ask me, that would be a fun time at camp.

And Debbie Downer is not invited.

6 thoughts on “Excited Outdoor Naked Camper Girl”

  1. If you are woman enough to go skinny dipping in the glacier fed waters out here, you go right ahead.. People go camping to “get away from it all” ~ cook over an open fire and listen to nature (usually from a crowded camp ground with other campers on both sides running their generators :-) That is “their” idea of getting away from it all~ You really aren’t missing out on much.. I advise you start out light.. like come spend a weekend at my house first! (the whole weekend~ I promise.. we don’t have poison ick here.. :-)

  2. Louise you let our secret out! I thought we were going to surprise Stacey? Don’t worry there will be no skinny dipping. I don’t want to scare off all the beautiful animals out there. I’d miss Stacey’s pictures! xoxo Thelma

  3. We go camping all the time, but we’ve yet to skinny dip while camping. I might have to throw that idea by the wife tonight.

    I wonder what the other people at the beach would think? :)

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