KY Wildcats Basketball Fan by Guilt

photo (73)Tonight is a huge college basketball game ~ Kentucky Wildcats vs. Indiana Hoosiers

If you’re not a fan of college basketball, no point in explaining.

If you’re a fan of college basketball, than you understand how exciting this game will be tonight. No point in explaining.

I’ve never been a college basketball fan until this year. My Mom and Dad are huge Kentucky fans being that they both grew up in Paducah, KY. Since my Dad passed away I started watching the games for my Mom so she’d have someone to talk KY basketball with.

Our normal game calls …

Mom: I can’t believe he missed those free throws.
Me: I know it. K Bye.

Me: Holy $hit did you see that shot.
Mom: Yes I did. Bye.

Mom: I can’t believe he missed that damn shot.
Me: MOTHER! Don’t cuss. K Bye.

Mom: #so and so is so good to his Mom. Did you know she … blah blah blah. (My Mom loves boys/men that are good to their mothers and she knows all sports gossip) (Just like town gossip)
Jody: No I didn’t. K Bye.

We talk that fast. And those 4 calls were all made within 5 minutes. We do that during games.

So the other night my Mom calls …

Mom: Who are you cheering for KY or IU Friday?
Me: Well … a lot of my friends are huge IU fans. And … well … I did grow up here. Probably IU. (Because I’ve been watching a lot of IU games as well)


Me: Hello?

I think I heard something.
I did hear something.

Me: OH MY GAWDDDD are you crying?
#1 KY Fan Me: I’ll cheer for Kentucky. K bye.

Thankfully I’ll be at my house while my Mother is at her house and I can cheer, scream and do a few herkie lerkie cheerleading jumps for IU without my Mom knowing. In my red spankies.

Game calls tonight:

Mom: I can’t believe IU made that 3 pointer.
Out of breath cheerleader that fell over the coffee table: Yea I know. WTH. IU sucks.

Have a good night all and I hope your team wins!  And Mother, if you’re reading this, I promise to have on my blue spankies.

3 thoughts on “KY Wildcats Basketball Fan by Guilt”

  1. Just read this out loud to Mark at the half. Thanks for the laughs.

    P.S. Mark insists that the announcers are rooting for KY. I am going to make him turn the tv down.

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