Breaking a Hip Hauling Tail on the Bike Trail

Last night I took out some major frustration out on our local bike trail walking. I had a situation yesterday of being very very disappointed in someone, not to mention, I’ve had a hectic month at work. The past 3 days I’ve been the fire putter outter. If you’re new here … I makeup words. And misspell words. And commas and blah blah blah. So I’ve been the fire putter outter and yesterday because of said fires I had to be the kiss asser. I’m okay with being a kiss asser as long as my customers are happy. But please note; this is the ONLY time I play kiss asser.

So … I hauled tail on the bike trail. After I got home and showered, my hip was killing me.

Now I broke my hip.

I could barely get up and down.

And when I went to let the dog in last night, I stepped down 3 stairs … picked up the dog .. set him on the top step and I fell off the step.

Because my hip is broke.

And I’m sure my neighbor heard the F word.

And know that even with the windows open clueless snoring husband heard nothing.

Hope he enjoyed his 8 hours rest.

While I have a broken hip.

And tumbled off the stairs.

With my broken hip.

And the night didn’t end there.

I was up all night because of …

Dog out at 11, 1:30, 3:15, 5:00 and he hasn’t settled down yet. Currently he is running around living room like a bunny rabbit.

So I spent my night having to lift a dog with arthritis up and down stairs, chairs, couches, beds, and carrying him around on my hip.

My broken hip.

And once I get to the office, I’m considering taking a muscle relaxer.

Have a wonderful day all … maybe I shouldn’t take any calls today.  Or maybe they’ll like me better.

And be sure to check back tomorrow … I have a HUGE surprise!!!

UPDATE:  Thank you all for your concern ~ Goodness~ I didn’t actually break my hip.  But it feels like it!  You all are funny.  And if anyone was even thinking of sending flowers ~ I love daisies. 

15 thoughts on “Breaking a Hip Hauling Tail on the Bike Trail”

  1. I know it is so mean to laugh at your misfortune.. but I’m sorry – I just had this visual of you and that cute little bundle of fur schlepping up and down..up and down all night long…with a broken hip. I could not help myself…but I was laughing with you – because I’ve been there.. and those cute little bundles of fur sort of turn into demon spawn around 3AM don’t they? And isn’t miraculous how the poor, frail, arthritic dog that can’t go up and down the steps can suddenly race around like bunny on steroids.. Furry things are good at that sort of thing.
    Hope you hip feels better, and today is fire free! (and raccoon and possum free too 😉 )

  2. Jody, @ some point I would have made all the noise in the world and sent the playful Puddles into the room to play with Dad, but that is just me being mean. You see with way to much time on my hand (only 1) I am getting very mean and spiteful. Love ya and Chin up……..

  3. If she didn’t mean for us to laugh she would have written it in a much more somber tone. I laugh because I’m nursing a sore knee and think “Well at least I can sit down because it’s not my hip.”

  4. I heard a thing of the radio last night that some “big shot company” did a study and if you have had a bad day.. drawing happy things can make you feel better for hours~ you know smiley faces or butter flys~ and then she said that she was going to try it while taking shots of vodka.. lol.. Hope your hip feels better soon and your day is better

  5. You and Thelma need to get on the golf carts again to get rid of that stress! Make sure you get those helmets! Thinking of you and sending a big HUG!

  6. So glad to know that you didn’t really break your hip :) I hope the sweet little ball of fur lets you get some sleep tonight!

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