Sue …

I’ve been so very blessed to share a friendship with 3 very special friends since middle school/high school. What has always made our friendship unique in it’s own way … our love and silliness for one another.

And it hasn’t changed.

After all these years …

It still hasn’t changed.

I share a lot of my life here with all of you and this is no different. My friendship with Sue, Ami and Tammy, has and will always be, a huge part of my life. It’s been almost 2 years since Sue passed and spending time together the way we use to may have changed … but it hasn’t changed.

As hard and emotional as this is … this is how we share our time together …

We pack a cooler, bring a blanket, turn on our 80’s music, and hang out with Sue for a few hours …

Sue g

Sue G

l 107

Sue a


And after many tears and remembering a lot of fun times … we end up being just as silly as we always have.

This photo was taken after many attempts to get Sue’s name in a photo together with the 3 of us. Because Sue LOVED the sun and is buried so the sun rises and sets over her, we were having a hard time with the reflection of the sun.

Attempt one …

l 115

So we decided maybe if we lay down in front of the stone we could get a good angle.

“Oh $#it … absolutely not. Double chins.”

If you’re over 29 (40), laying down produces extra chins.

So we quickly sat up and I saw my reflection on her headstone …

And …



I just love them!!!  Love love love them!!!

And Sue is so very missed!

Have a wonderful day all!


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