I Thought I Saw A Peeping Tom

I was sick in bed all weekend.  Saturday I slept the day away.  Sunday I moved a little.  By Monday I was bored out of my mind.  Bored in my bedroom.  After several doctors appointments and picking up more medication that is suppose to knock you out but makes me hyper, I couldn’t get this bottle open.


It’s childproof.

For the children.

And apparently for the helpless.

I tried forever and ever and ripped my hand open.

And yes that’s a gross kleenex.

And my hand looks like gross elephant skin.

So anyway, I gave up and thought through several action plans:

Plan A – Wait until my husband gets home in 2 hours to help the helpless.

But that was forever 2 hours away.

And I’m about to cough my guts out.

So I thought:

Plan B – Ask crabby neighbor guy.  But then I’d have to go outside.  And walk next door.  In my pajamas.

So … umm … I then thought (I apologize now):

Plan C – Shower, makeup, brush my hair, nicer pajamas and call the police and tell them I think I swear I thought I saw a Peeping Tom.

And while explaining … Oh I don’t know. I think he was about 6′ tall, wearing all black with a mask on. He was really scary though.  I only think I saw him for .0001 seconds.  But I can’t be too sure.  I’ve been really sick.  And weak.  And helpless.  And I can’t get this darn silly bottle open.

Officer friendly to the helpless:  Can I help with that? 


Have a good day all … and if you’ve never thought before I am in serious need of medication … I’m sorry that you think it now.


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