On Stage With Gretchen Wilson

Last week I shared with you how close I was to the stage while Craig Campbell played at our local festival …

I was close enough to touch Craig, his guitar and … his …

Umm …

Cowboy boot.

And sorry for the blurry picture.  My friend Thelma isn’t allowed to take pictures anymore.

Gretchen Wilson was the main act that evening so when she started playing I tried to make my way back to my groupie front row spot.  And I made it!  Until one of the mean groupie chicks poked me in the back and yelled, “EXCUSE ME”.

Oh no!


Groupie fight.

So I thought, who in the heck does she thinks she’s messing with?  Just a few nights ago I was one of only a few on stage dancing with the band.  Not to mention some guy thought I was the hottest chick on stage.

Having the attitude of the hottest chick on stage, I quickly whipped around and flashed my VIP section badge.

I’ll show her!

And then she looked at me like I was stupid and flashed her VIP section badge.

Oh S#it.

I forgot the entire section was the VIP section.  Everyone around me had on a VIP section badge.

Damn her!

Think fast – think fast – think fast.

So I blurted out …

I’m a photographer.

And she quickly responded with …

So where’s your camera?

I didn’t have a camera.

Because I’m not a photographer.

I lied.

To be in the groupie front row section.

Damn her!

So I whipped around and said …

Oh you think I need to hang out in the groupie section?  Wait til you see me on stage.

I said that not nicely.

And then ran off before I got groupie tackled.

Those chicks are mean.

You know, It’s not my fault I was taller than her.  And she only saw the back of my head.  And my big hair.  That is not my fault.  It was 145 degrees out and when you have naturally curly hair … well … it’s Diva big.  So I couldn’t help all she saw was my Diva big hair.

And because my people know Gretchen Wilson’s people …


I was on stage.

Right behind Gretchen Wilson.

And could see the groupie chicks from where I was standing …



Oh and believe me, I did everything in my power so the groupie chick saw me.

But she probably didn’t.

Have a good day all … and not that I would talk about what a fun show it was and how I danced and danced and didn’t know all the words to all of the songs but pretended I did … no … I was most concerned that the groupie chick saw me on stage.

And I now need a professional camera.
And a press pass for The Hunter’s Wife.
To get me to front row groupie places.

And P.S. ~ FYI ~ I was not the hottest chick on stage.  Drunk guys give good compliments. 

3 thoughts on “On Stage With Gretchen Wilson”

  1. hmmmm you could always just team up with some body(s) you know that has more than one professional cameras.. and the pair of you could be the Woodward and Bernstein of the groupie chick world! :)

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