The Power Outage and The Stoned Flashers

Saturday afternoon a storm blew through our neighborhood leaving over 30,000 in our area without power.  My house was one of those.  Thankfully I have a husband with a generator. I’d say “we” have a generator but I know nothing about a generator nor do I wish to claim the generator.

After a few hours and realizing it looked like our power wouldn’t be restored anytime soon, I was asked what I’d like plugged into the generator …

Yippie power:  The air, charger for my phone, fridge, lights, fan, computer …

Sgt Narantic:  JODY

I wasn’t done.

Meanwhile, across town, my sister called to say her and my Mom also lost power and that they weren’t ambulance chasers anymore they were now Nipsco (our local electric company) truck chasers.  My Mom and sister have been known to chase ambulances and fire trucks.  This one time during a neighborhood fire, my sister jumped in her car and headed down the street to see the house fire.  As she was slowly driving along watching the house fire she ran over the fire hose.  Let me repeat that … she ran over the fire hose … that was putting out the house fire.

So I thought she learned her lesson after being scolded and almost ticketed by the cop she passed … while slowly running over the FIRE HOSE … but obviously she hasn’t because her and my Mother were out chasing the local electric truck to see who all was out of power and how close the Nipsco truck was to their house.

So I said …

What are the two of you gonna do flash the Nipsco driver to get your power restored sooner?

They … umm … well … both … umm … yea.

So there I sat …

And sat …

And …

Sat …

In my little power outage corner.

At about 9:00 p.m. I called to check on the Nipsco chasers.

Me:  Do you have power?

Nipsco chasing sister:  Nope.

Me: What are you guys doing?

Nipsco chasing sister:  Mom is taking a bath.

Me:  In the dark?

Nipsco chasing sister:  No, she has one those cemetery glow sticks in there.

Me:  WTF  ????  WHAT???

By 10:00 I laid down on the couch, my husband sat down in the recliner and we fell asleep while our generator was still running out in the drive.

At 10:20 my cell rings and it was my sister …

The sister: Do you have power?

I don’t know where I am sister:  No.

The sister:  Well your neighbors do.

Still don’t know where I am sister:  What?

Bored Nispco chasers driving around town:  Me and Mom are in your drive and your neighbors have power and why is your generator still running?

So I woke my husband and we went outside to greet Dolly Parton and Dolly Parton Sr.

Dolly and Dolly S were going on and on about how all the neighborhoods they’d passed had power now except them.

Background to this next conversation:  My Dad passed away last September.  My Mother is a crier.  She cries over everything!  Remember when she thought I might cheer for IU basketball guys and not KY?

She cried.

So, while crying, my Mom said …

I can’t believe your Father left me in this mess.

I’m sorry ~ Laughing daughter:  Mother!  It’s a power outage for gosh sake!!!!

Daughter that had to have been left on the porch at birth, me:  Seriously, have you two been smoking weed?

Daughter that obviously had to have been left on the porch and have no relation to Dolly and Dolly S because the two of them had to of been smoking something … and … umm … I have no Dollies:  And the next time the two of you show up at my house do you think you could put on a bra?

Have a good day all … and they have the nerve to stand there scolding me for always posting booze pictures and comics about booze on my blog and Facebook?  Seriously?  Is it just me or are you all thinking those two chicks probably have a feather clip hanging from their car mirror?   W T H ???


The sane one that will be searching for her real family that left her on Dolly’s porch!



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  1. Thanks, Jody – this just started my monday off on the right foot. on a side note could you be my sister? my father was an over the road truck driver. lol

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