Dan Hampton and The Bucket List

Anyone that knows me and those that have been long time readers should know I’ve had a … umm … thing for Dan Hampton since the ’80’s.


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I’ve written about Dan Hampton many other times but you get the obsession.

So anyway, I was thinking I wanted to start a bucket list. I’ve never thought about having a bucket list or what I’d ever list on a bucket list because;

A. If ever I have a daydreaming moment lost in thought of running off to anywhere in the world –  it would be a cabin in the woods ALONE. By myself. With no one near me. Until it got dark and I heard a scary woods noise then I’d hope Dan Hampton was renting a cabin nearby.


B. I’ve never thought past A.

So my 100 item bucket list would list a cabin in the woods 100 times.  And Dan Hampton somewhere in the mix in a nearby cabin.   Without his … umm … cleats on.  Ouch.  But as I grow older than 29, I’m realizing I do have specific items for my bucket list. So today I’d like to share #1:

Jody’s 2012 Bucket List
#1. Attend a Chicago Bears game with Dan Hampton

This is not at all impossible because;

  • Dan Hampton has said I’m funny
  • I can talk football smack
  • I can stroke his … umm … 80’s/90’s football career ego
  • I’d wear heels to the game (I googled how tall he is so I’d know I wouldn’t be taller)
  • I’d wear a “99” Chicago Bears thong … I mean jersey
  • He can bring his wife
  • I’ll sit on the other side and he doesn’t even have to acknowledge me
  • I’ll just brush up against him when prancing off to get my hot dog
  • And my beer
  • Or 2

I’m sure Dan Hampton has people and his people can call my people. The game in particular I’d like to attend is the first pre-season game this Thursday, August 9, against the Denver Broncos. I’ve chosen this particular game because Peyton Manning now plays for the Denver Broncos.

Funny touching story: A few days before my Dad passed away last year, I was bent over all up in his face talking to him being a sweet loving daughter seeing if he needed anything when he pushed my hand away and gave me “the look”. (If you’re over 40 you understand the look and the situation of the look. No explanation is needed.) This particular look meant get out of the way, NOW. So I got out of the way, NOW.

The reason for getting out of the way NOW – My Dad was watching a sports channel and wanted to hear the discussion about Peyton Manning’s injury.

Get out of the way – Peyton Manning is on T.V.

So this is the reason I would love to go to this particular game.

And possibly the regular season game.

And maybe another if Dan Hampton thinks I behaved.

And possibly another.

And … well … I’d be good with a season pass.

Have a good day all … and you know, I have given Dan Hampton plenty of free exposure here …

2 thoughts on “Dan Hampton and The Bucket List”

  1. Should I forward this to Dan Hampton’s people so they can call your people? I have great faith that you will be a guest of Dan Hampton’s before you know it.. you know.. word gets around….

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