The Glasses

I posted this picture on Facebook the other day …

This is a glass from my 20 year reunion. Yes, I graduated in 1984. And I know what you all are thinking … Hey, I thought she’s only 29?

I will be again next week when you all forget all about this blog post.

Anyway, in 2004, someone from our class, I won’t mention Thelma’s name, ordered about 5,014 of these glasses. And in 2004 I was all … Who in the world would order 5,014 glasses because we didn’t have 5,014 people in our class.

On a side note ~ when my husband saw this on Facebook the other day he said … Drinking?

And I quickly said …

Mine was Kool-aid.

Moving on …

So after our 20 year reunion about 4,914 of these glasses sat in my friend Joan’s basement. And every time I’d talk to Joan she’d say … Those damn glasses are in my basement. And I’d say… Who (Thelma) in the hell would order that many glasses? And then I’d quickly change the subject so they didn’t end up in my basement.

And a year later …

Joan: I still have those damn glasses in my basement.

Me: I am so loving your hair color this month.

And another year later … please don’t mention the glasses …

Joan: Those damn glasses are still in my &^&%% basement.

Me: I am so loving your funky shoes!

And then … I can’t remember how or when they ended up in my friend Ami’s garage but they ended up in my friend Ami’s garage.  And thankfully, not mine.

Back in the day:
When we were in high school, we would all meet at Ami’s house before our high school football games for umm … well …     … and help each other zip our Jordaches with a wire coat hanger.  And almost thirty years later we are continuing that tradition (not the zipping ~ although my jeans were a little tight and not on 1984 purpose)  to watch her son play football for the same high school.

So a few years ago Ami made me … umm … a kiddy cocktail in our 1984 reunion glass …

Me: AWWWW The GLASS!!!! I’m sooooo LOVING it!

And then last Friday night I was all …

Me: UMMMM where’s those damn ’84 glasses I love?



Oh and before I forget ~Speaking of glasses … my friend Jerry was home last month from Texas and we met for dinner, drinks and headed to our local park to watch a band play. Jerry is a long time friend that also hung around us in high school. So there I was minding my own business trying to order cocktails when Jerry says …

Jerry: Shit Jo, I broke my glasses.

Not that I’d show any sympathy because I was laughing my @ss off: I am so taking a picture of you.

Jerry: Jo! You better not put that on Facebook.

Me: I would never!


This is my blog not Facebook.

And he should remember all the times I had to go back to 5th hour soaking wet when a few immature boys thought it was funny to tackle me in the snow during our lunch hour.

Or when he came home one year and I was whipping through my camera photos the next day and realized a few immature little boys got a hold of my camera without me knowing …

Have a good day all! And have I mentioned I love Thelma and the fact that she ordered 5,014 glasses.

2 thoughts on “The Glasses”

  1. Yippy!!!
    they are not in my house anymore!!!

    Oh, and Jody can I get a couple? I accidentally shattered mine after my divorce??? Hehe…lol

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