A Thelma & Louise Adventure ~ Thelma Got Locked In The Bathroom

This is my friend Thelma … her real name is Angie but I call her Thelma because she does things she shouldn’t  …

So a few months ago she sent me this text …

Thelma:  Empty house! Yippee! Think I’ll take a nice hot long relaxing bath.

Me – Louise:  KK text me later.

About an hour later …

Thelma:  I’m locked in the bathroom.

Louise: WHAT?

Thelma:  No one is home and I’m locked in the bathroom upstairs.

Louise:  Do I need to come over?

Thelma:  No, I’m fine.  I’ll get it.

10 minutes later …

Thelma:  I can’t get this &*^^% door open.

Louise:  Do I need to come over?  OH WAIT!!!

Louise:  THELMA!!!!

Louise:  I’m calling the FIRE DEPARTMENT!!! Yippee!!!!

Louise:  Firemen to the rescue!  I’m coming right over!!!

Louise:  Do you have wine?

Louise:  Yippee!!!!

Louise:  Thelma, have on nothing but your towel.

Yes I said that.  And yes, we’re both married.  But she was trapped in her bathroom and I was having fun with it.

Who needs to watch screaming lunatic Desperate Housewives episodes when you could witness this.

So there I was … blah blah blah … hot firemen to the rescue when she had to go and burst my hot firemen to the rescue bubble …

Thelma:  Jody, I’m about to have a panic attack.  I’m serious.  I can’t breathe.

Louise:  Are you kidding me?  Stick your head out of the window.  You’re fine.  You’re just locked in the bathroom. Calm down. We will get you out.

Me and the firemen.


Thelma:  This is crazy.

Louise:  911 What’s your emergency? Thelma’s locked in her bathroom.

Louise:  Did you say you had wine?

Louise:  Seriously, I’m coming over.   Please have clothes on.

And within a few minutes she escaped from the bathroom.


Darn her!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your afternoon and evening all!


8 thoughts on “A Thelma & Louise Adventure ~ Thelma Got Locked In The Bathroom”

  1. how dare she wreck all the fireman fun…I PROMISE next time I get stuck in some obscure place I will cooperate and not wreck all the rescue fun for you! 😉 Heck I’ll even do it so you need Search and Rescue AND Firemen… I’m that kind of friend you know LOL

  2. I can gurantee she is my daughter! These things happen to our family all the time! Nothing normal just a soap opera life!

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