How To Learn To Call With A Mouth Reed

This is a guest post from Mia Anstine of ~ Mia Anstine – My Many Outdoor Adventures and Mia & The Little Gal’s Adventures – The Women’s Outdoor News.

My husband watched as I held the reed up with a big smile and popped it in my mouth. He being experienced at calling with a reed immediately began to laugh. I smiled and tried to blow….

“kchhhhhlllllllccccchchhchhhhh!” Nothing but static!

I sounded like the suction tube at the dentist office! We laughed, and he warned me not to choke on the reed. I tried to catch my breath from laughing, and nearly did swallow the darn thing.


I tried again. “ssschhhheeeeeeek!” I emitted spit with my blow. Not pretty for sure.

Oh no! I was definitely going to need practice at this thing!

A few more “squawks, shrieks and squeals” out of me and my husband broke out his reed to “show me how it was done”. He made perfect coyote howls and yips.


Now I had a challenge. I had to make it my mission. I HAD to figure out that call!

Picture this: I drive an hour through the mountains to and from work every day. That means I have plenty of spare time on my hands.

I try not to text and drive.

I try not to take photos while I drive.

I also try to stay awake while I drive.

I drive – and I drive – and I drive.

This would be the perfect opportunity to practice my call with the reed. I drove and drove and I proceeded to practice the ear piercing sounds in the privacy of my little truck.

After a little practice, similar to a child learning the trombone, I found that the reed was fairly easy to use.

One day while driving, I was admiring the gigantic prairie dogs that were popping up out of the snow. I gazed across the field and spotted a coyote sleeping off to the right. I pulled over to try out my “mad skills”. I popped my reed in and yelped a couple of times.

I truly expected the prairie dogs to duck in their holes and the coyote to run for the hills.


The coyote raised its head. I then yelped like a pup. The coyote got to its feet. It started to come to me. Knowing that my husband would NEVER believe me, I pulled out my trusty camera which I never leave at home. I took photos of it and yelped and called as the traffic drove by until it finally was scared off by a big semi.

I completed my drive to work with a GIANT grin on. I called my husband and told him my story of calling in a coyote. I knew it. He didn’t believe me. That evening I pulled out my camera and showed my husband the pic. He said “No way!”

So, you want to know the best way to learn a call…. Many hours of driving & a husband who unknowingly puts you up to a challenge!



Thank you Mia!  :)

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