Top Ten Things That Will Be Different In Our Empty Nest

This is a guest post from my friend Linda Hulsey Anderson and her husband Mark ~ Linda doesn’t have a blog but she’s funny and I love having her share her humor here.

Jody just happened to ask me to do a guest blog 1 day following becoming Empty Nesters after almost 27 years of raising children. That night, in my frustration of not being able to find a kid to take something up to the garbage on the curb (that my husband Mark had already taken out himself for the same reason), I came up with the idea of a top ten list of things that are going to be different around here. This was a combined effort between Mark and I (you get to guess who came up with #1). Here’s the list. Enjoy.


10. Who’s going to feed that darned fish?
9. That garbage ain’t going to walk ITSELF to the curb.
8. A three bedroom house can be turned into a two office, one bedroom house before the bed even cools.
7. Candles, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and Febreeze really CAN eliminate “dude smell” in the house….. who knew?
6. That grass ain’t going to cut ITSELF.
5. The Big Y (grocery store) manager wept at the sight of our quarter-filled grocery cart and said “it’s been a good run.”
4. Sweet screamin’ monkeys what are we going to do with all of these leftovers?
3. Not enough products in the world to eliminate “dude smell” in the car….
2. Finally there is room on our shower shelf for his and her loofahs.

And the #1 thing that is going to be different in our empty nest:

1. Two words: “Naked Room.”


Thank you Linda & Mark :)

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Will Be Different In Our Empty Nest”

  1. I can identify with all your top ten Linda! Esp. the naked room! I will say it was a tad bit shocking when after college two returned home. :( One leaving this weekend, other in a year (hopefully). Enjoy your “coupleness” again !

  2. You’re so funny. Now that you have all this time on your hands I think you should sit around in the naked room and blog more. I’ve never heard of a naked room. Is this something I will start wanting as my kids get older? ;o)

  3. I had never heard of a naked room either until we saw the movie, “Failure to Launch,” with Terry Bradshaw having his empty nest naked room…and then their son moved back home. It has been a phrase (threat?) used around this house ever since, lol.

  4. Love this, Linda and Mark. I still have one daughter at home but, the changes are noticeable even after only one leaves. Thanks for bringing humor to an otherwise melancholy, life-changing event!

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