My Mother, Prince Harry and My Therapy

My Mom has always favored boys over girls. Growing up I repeatedly heard – Boys are easier to raise than girls … repeat … Boys are easier to raise than girls. And she would never ever admit this but she also favors my older brother, John. Growing up I repeatedly heard – Isn’t your brother good looking? Mrs. So and So said your brother’s handsome.

And as adults, it still continues …

Every Thanksgiving my Mom announces …

Your brother is here and he brought a homemade apple pie.

Your brother made a pieeeeee.

Not that I’d been up since 4:00 a.m. making my husband stick his hand up the turkey because I am so very thankful every Thanksgiving that my husband is the one to stick his hand up the turkey. But I just spent hours making stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, desserts, etc.

But John made a pie.


So I’d loudly announce …


And then I’d whisper to myself while whacking mashed potatoes …

Yippee John made a pie. Yeah John! John John John. Blah blah blah. I’m not eating any.

Her love for males also includes Brett Favre. Every October I hear …

Did you know Brett Favre’s birthday is the same day as yours?

Yes, Mother. You tell me every year.

So Saturday I was at my Mother’s (Dolly Sr.) house with my sister (Dolly Jr.) and my Mother said …

Oh my goodness!!! Did you see Prince Harry naked in Vegas? I don’t know why they just don’t leave him alone. He was in Vegas having a good time. That is no one’s business.

So I said …

Mother! He was in a hotel room with a bunch of bimbos and they were all naked. Who does this?

Obsessed smiling Mother …

Well apparently he does and apparently he was having a good time.

I just love him.

Yes, she said that.

So my sister, Dolly Jr., yells from the other room …

And she was also searching the internet for the naked Prince Harry and his royal naked jewels photos.

Umm …


Umm …


No wonder I’m a pervert.

And people feel the need to send me bible verses.

I have her male obsession gene and Brett Favre and I were born on the same day.


Have a good day all … I’ll … umm … be at therapy.

One thought on “My Mother, Prince Harry and My Therapy”

  1. You sound normal to me. I think it’s all the other people who have issues.

    My Dad’s mom was the same way. She preferred her daughters and then her daughters sons. Oh well.

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