Cougarlicious and The Little Convicts

My nephew got married a couple of weeks ago and during the reception I was minding my own business watching his best man dance, who I earlier ran down and said, I am sooooo dancing with you later, when one of my nephew’s other friends came up and said …

Are you Jody?


I’m Mike. Johnny’s friend.

My nephew had a group of friends I became familiar with watching them all grow up together. And the last time I’d seen Mike he was probably 16 or 17. I was in my 20’s and single at the time living in my townhouse and I had let the boys stay the night while I went out for the evening.

What are the boys doing at your house?

Oh, probably hanging out watching sports.

I was the trusting fun Aunt.

Please note: If ever you’re going out for the evening leaving teenage boys alone at your townhouse, always lock the cocktail cabinet. Otherwise, you might come home to find one sleeping on your back patio and one sleeping in your empty huge whirl pool bathtub.

Because that could …

Might happen.

Probably happen.


Would happen.

I was then the naive not so fun Aunt.

Mike and I chatted for a bit and then he mentioned the other little convicts were there that were at my house that night.

So I made the little convicts take a picture with me …

And when I got back to my table my sister Dolly Jr. said …

Here’s your drink, Cougarlicious.

Girls with boobs are mean.

Oh stop it! That’s really mean. I’m not a cougar. You think I act like a cougar? I don’t.

OH HEY, there’s the best man! I’m so dancing with him.

And off I ran to chase him down.

Have a good day all!

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