Show Up Naked Bring Beer

9922856605_5b2ee7afe7When you run a blog or website you’re able to check the “keywords” someone searched to get to your site. For example, let’s say you were searching hunting, fishing, outdoor humor – you’ll probably find my site. Or if you search The Hunter’s Wife, you should also find my site.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked my site stats and keywords. It’s something I do avoid because just when I think all is well in the world and people are good, someone had to go and type in specific keywords that make me think … WHAT IN THE HE## IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE … AND WHY ARE THEY SEARCHING THAT???

Keywords that brought some to my site and my immediate thoughts:

Show up naked bring beer: I would only show up naked and bring beer when it’s dark out. Someone might see me. My husband might see me.

Girls stuck in waist deep mud in undies: If the girl is waist deep in mud how will you see her undies?

Very popular keywords – Naked campers, naked fishing girls, naked hunting and fishing girls, naked in a tents – I need to stop talking about naked. I’m attracting lots of nakeds.

Dads in long johns: Umm … why are you searching that? Please, no! I don’t care how cold someone’s umm … brothers are, it is so not sexy so stop searching that and guys stop wearing those.

Do people like Dan Hampton: OMGOSH yes!

Grannies on fire: Do they mean like she is hot on fire Granny or she needs to stop, drop and roll because Granny is on FIRE?

How to redirect your husband from hunting all the time: I love that they used the word “redirect”. My best advice is probably from the help of my naked friends … Show up naked bring beer. That might redirect him.

What do you do if your hair caught on fire: Stop searching Google for help – Stop Drop and Roll ~ Call 911 IMMEDIATELY! Yippee! Firemen! I wonder if they’ll show up naked and bring beer?

Wife hunted naked in woods stories: Once upon a time, in the dark scary woods, there was a naked wife … that showed up and brought beer.

Wife is a nymph: She showed up naked with beer didn’t she.

Have a good day all … I should go get dressed now!

19 thoughts on “Show Up Naked Bring Beer”

  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Makes me wonder what words are associated with my business. OMG. Glad to be a part of the naked boosting this morning.

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