Needy Dog and Your Typical Wife

Most of my blog post are written at 5:00 a.m. and normally posted by 6. I’m a routine kind of girl. I guess I have to be when having a day job. But over the past few months my routine has been interrupted with a very needy 13 year old puppy baby. He and I have not slept a full night in months. He wakes at 2 or 3 a.m. and thinks it noon – wanting to run around the house, wanting up and off the furniture (he can’t jump himself), wanting to eat, wanting to be held, and carried around …

Please hold me …

So at 6:00 a.m. I’m all …

OH MY GAWD it’s 6:00 a.m.

And I’m running around the house like a crazy person because I overslept.

While he’s all …

Please note: I took this photo last night while napping on the couch. And I’m not able to nap or sleep without the dog and his leg hiked on mine.

So at 6:00 a.m., while running around the house like a crazy person, I’m tip-toeing because the minute he sees that I’m awake … we are back to – please hold me, I need out, I need on the couch, I need down, I need on the couch again, etc. etc. etc.

I can’t even vacuum without the dog wanting on the chair near me …

Or sit outside alone …

And someone needs their hair brushed.

And it isn’t me this time.

Well it is but you can’t see me at the moment.

And if you did you wouldn’t be saying …

Damn, she needs her hair brushed.

You would be saying …

Damn, that chick had a rough night. I bet she was out all night. Probably with Jim Beam. And Patron.

But I wasn’t and wish I had been.

And you’re probably thinking where is the husband while all this goes on?

He is snoring.

And well rested.

And when we sit down together for dinner during the evenings, he is all …

The well rested husband: What’s wrong with you?
Giving the wife look: Please stop talking me.

Maybe I’m handling this all wrong. I should handle the dog like the husband. I so swear the next time I go out with Jim Beam and Patron I am so doing what my husband does …

Just throw the entire box of dog treats on the floor.

I came home to that the other night. And gosh only knows how many the dog ate before I got home.

Oh help me ~ I feel like your typical wife. I started off this blog post explaining how my routine has been interrupted and I have a million blog posts running through my crazy little head but I haven’t found the time to sit and write any because of needy dog and now I’m ending this with somehow blaming the husband.

I do need a night out.

And a pill.

And a hotel room for a night.

Or 2.

And a cocktail.

Have a wonderful day all … I’m off to shower. With the door open. So needy dog doesn’t claw his way through the door because he can’t see me.

4 thoughts on “Needy Dog and Your Typical Wife”

  1. That needy dog is so darn adorable. The treats on the floor are hilarious. I am picturing and laughing at the scene of you coming home to find that on the floor, Mark probably in the recliner? And your natural response is to run and get the camera. Haha.

  2. Maybe Puddles should come and visit… I think he would fit in Willie’s backpack and they could have doggie adventures all day (I promise I would take Puddles out of the backpack before Willie hits the water) then Puddles would be so tired he would just sleep through the night. OR he would be right there with Willie bouncing on the bed at 3 am with a boot and a duck call lanyard ready to roll.. You need a week off to reset Puddles internal clock! He sleeps all day while you are are gone and he’s ready to play when you get home..oh poor Puddles.. Poor Jody and well, no, not poor Hazel LOL

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