The Hunter’s Wife Reality TV Show

A few months ago I was approached by a production company out of New York interested in The Hunter’s Wife as a possible reality type TV show. This particular production company has produced shows for the Discovery, History and National Geographic channels. They asked that I pitch them a show idea for The Hunter’s Wife seeing that I know more about The Hunter’s Wife than they do.  And I was beyond flattered but I had a problem …


The Hunter's Wife

If it were up to me, there would be no TV in my house.

Except on football game days. But I could watch those at a friend’s house (sport’s bar).

So I wouldn’t ever need a TV.

But I have a husband.

And he needs a TV – while he sleeps in the recliner – with the remote in hand.

That would be a fun reality show to watch if I watched TV.   But I don’t.

So this whole pitch us a show idea wasn’t something I was comfortable with knowing how I feel about TV and reality shows in general …

Desperate Housewives of any implant plastic county – Do people really act like that?

Kardashians – Do people really act like that?

Snooki – Do people really act like that? I don’t even know who or what a Snooki is. It sounds like a candy bar. Or an x rated position.

Honey Boo Boo – What in the Yee Haw Ya’ll!

Do people seriously act like this?

So I started thinking – What in the world would viewers think about …

 ~ Me ~ The Hunter’s Wife ~

Umm …  I think someone might need AA …

The Hunter's Wife

That chick needs a psychiatrist …

The Hunter's Wife

Is that moonshine?  She seriously needs AA …

The Hunter's Wife


The Hunter's Wife

Does she know there’s a squirrel on her head?

The Hunter's Wife

Yee Haw Ya’ll. Is she about to cook a squirrel?

The Hunter's Wife

Did she just cross the black line and slide down the bowling alley?  She did!!!  Does she not know you don’t cross the black line?


The Hunter's Wife

Someone seriously needs an intervention …

The Hunter's Wife

Oh DEAR GAWDDDD … Someone please take the gun away …

The Hunter's Wife

She’s drunk!

She’s seriously drunk!

And about to fall over …

The Hunter's Wife

What in the ???

The Hunter's Wife


Does she know how old she is?  I think she just bent over and is wearing a thong!!!




Did she get a boob job …

The Hunter's Wife

A. No!

Wasn’t her hair blonde last episode?

The Hunter's Wife

Does she know that’s a golf club and not a baton?

The Hunter's Wife

And that photo makes her look like a Dorito.

Is she seriously at another bar again?  And what in the ?  Is that a beaver?

The Hunter's Wife

She did not just ask that cop to handcuff her!

The Hunter's Wife

She’s gonna get a splinter on her juicy couture … And tip the whole damn dock over…


The Hunter's Wife

Do people really act like this?

Where in the world is Boozie’s husband?

The Hunter

Have a wonderful day all … and I think reality TV is just not my thing.

They will probably make me look really really bad on TV.

And embarrass me!

And ruin my reputation!


19 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Wife Reality TV Show”

  1. For what it’s worth, Jody… I have a very strict policy against watching reality shows. But I’d watch the Hunter’s Wife. You know, to support a friend. At least once.

  2. Considering how low the bar has already been set by the shows already out there Jody I think a Hunters Wife show would be a step up and very popular.I would watch it.

  3. If it was your reality show Thelma, your Mom and Me would have to be included! I’m sure we would show what real reality is???????
    Cute pic’s!!!!!

  4. Good Lawd Childrens, The Hunter’s Wife is always in fine form! Jody, we all know reality is much stranger than fiction!

  5. I believe that is the first time I’ve seen someone referred to themselves as looking like a Dorito. But good call. :)
    On the TV front – you know my thoughts already. But I agree with those above, if a little chumpkin in a tutu & crown who belches on TV all the time can get a season renewed…well then why not a Hunter’s Wife TV show?

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