Over the River and Through the Cornfields to Tinkle I will Go

Indiana farmYou all know I don’t hunt. And over the years I’ve been invited many times to head south to the boonies in Indiana and hang with the hunters (including my husband) for a day of food and fun. So Saturday I headed south to the boonies to hang with the hunters.

Please note: If ever you head south on the back roads through Indiana to the boonies, don’t do it after drinking a full pot of coffee. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. Real trouble.

Serious – I need to tinkle – trouble.

And you’ll be in the middle of no where.

And nothing.

But cornfields.

Through the boonies.

So you’ll seriously consider tinkling in a corn field.

And the corns been picked.

Oh look kids … there’s cows. And pigs. And a lady squatted down in the middle of an empty corn field.

To be continued …

Have a wonderful day all …

3 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Cornfields to Tinkle I will Go”

  1. Way to leave me hanging on the edge of my seat. When we were stuck on a closed highway for 8 hours in Pennsylvania, similar options were available for a full bladder. I can’t wait to hear your solution to this problem!

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