A Look Back at The Hunter’s Wife in 2012

GolfingIf you’re bored this weekend and looking for something to read, here are a few of my favorite posts from 2012.


Waxing: Ouch!

I Don’t Have Moves Like Jagger Because I Broke My Vajagger


Squirrel Attack:

That Moment When You Turn into the 100 Meter Olympic From a Squirrel Chase


Where my doctor told me I don’t blow worth a damn:

Wrestling Match at my Doctor’s Office


I ran. And I never run. It makes my guts bounce. And my ass jiggle:

Maybe I Just Need Anger Management


Where I considered turning up the music and taking off my shirt during dinner:

It’s Getting Hot in Here


Title explains itself: Hair FIRE!!!

Scrambled Crispy Hair Fire Hazard


Where I thought my Mom and Sister might flash the power outage guys:

The Power Outage and the Stoned Flashers


Firemen to the rescue:

Thelma Got Locked in the Bathroom


Naked! Beer!

Show Up Naked Bring Beer

Naked! Beer! It’s how you should spend your weekend! But with the lights out. Someone might see you!


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