The Hunter’s Wife and Her Random Thoughts

I’m functioning on 2 hours sleep. My poor dog had a rough night. So today is random thoughts day.

And please forgive me if you find any of it inappropriate.

I’m tired!!!


My Mom is a huge sports fan and she knows the background history to most players. So yesterday when I asked if she was cheering for Notre Dame or Alabama, she said Notre Dame because she likes #5 on defense. He’s a good boy and his Grandma and girlfriend died in the same week.

After the second Alabama touchdown.

She texted me this …



I promised The Lord I’d be nicer.

Then someone had to go and post a photo of their saggy “girlfriends” on Facebook.

Except I didn’t use the word girlfriends.

Or cupcakes.

Or boobies.

I used the T word.

I’m sorry!

Sometimes I just say it like it is and well …

I never use the T word.

It’s a icky word.

But the T word was the appropriate word for that photo.

Darn them and their – Yea, that’s right! Me and my saggy “sisters” are lookin’ hot!

I’m so disappointed in myself.

Darn it!


How does ones hair look like this when you wake?

Because my hair looks like Baby Bed Heads right now.

And all I did was sleep.

It wasn’t like I was rolling around all night and someone was pulling my hair.


Speaking of pulling hair …

I think I have an online stalker.

I might talk about him another day but for now …

Those that might be of help …

The first finally responded after 3 days … Oh hey be safe!!!

And the other said … I’ll get back to you next week.


For those that LOVE and care about me … If I go missing for more than 3 days … please call 911.

Thank you.


Have a good day all … I’m off to – kick him in the “boys” – self defense class.

P.S. ~ Thanks Tamra, Thelma and Otis for the laughs!

5 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Wife and Her Random Thoughts”

  1. Thanks for writing on little sleep, because this is proof that you don’t need no sleep to be darn funny! Only I didn’t say darn. Or dang. And we all sure as h#@ would have known without you saying that you didn’t say, “sisters.” LOL.

    Thanks, as always, for the morning laughs.

  2. Oh, wait, it was “girlfriends,” you said you didn’t say. Ugh, and I DID sleep. Wonder how the rest of my day is going to go.

    P.S. Hope your dog feels better. And, oh yeah, be safe. Haha, but seriously.

  3. You know Thelma would rescue you from your stalker, I respond!! I’m not even going to get started on the Moms or “the girls”!

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