He Should’t Be Left in Charge of the Children

This morning I was scrolling down the Facebook feed to see what I might have missed since the last time I checked at 2:00 a.m. when I got up to tinkle  …

Boring politics (Some will soon give themselves a heart attack over this)

Hanging upside down fox (I have a lot of hunting friends)

Conspiracy theories (I sometimes catch myself believing)

Yes it’s cold (We are all freezing our cupcakes off)

Naughty joke (I so wish I could share but some might think I’m not very ladylike but that was *&^&ing funny)

Same old girl. Same old story. We know what you’re really about.  (Please stop hiding behind your bible quotes)

My outdoor friends living it up in Vegas without me (I hope they have a hangover today)

And then this …

I came across this, this morning …



That is my great niece.  I call her Kaliebug.  Her Dad posted this on Facebook. (And well … he … umm … probably should not be left alone with the children)

But damn, that little chick knows how to work it in front of the camera!

Have a good day all … yo snap!

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