3 Out of 4 Friends Shouldn’t Have Fancy Cameras

Saturday I spent the afternoon in Chicago with a few girlfriends. Our first destination was Pizzeria Due, one of my favorite pizza places. While eating lunch I asked my 3 photographer friends …

Did any of you bring your camera?

The 3 of them have expensive fancy cameras.

Thelma (Angie), Lucy (Tammy) and Ethel (Ami): No

WHAT?!?!?! The 3 of you have really nice cameras and we’re in Chicago and none of you brought your camera?!?!?!


After lunch we headed to Michigan Avenue because Lucy wanted popcorn from the famous Garrett’s.

So I said to Ethel …

I’m seriously considering getting a really nice camera. I’m constantly taking pictures with my phone and I’d love to have a nice camera to share photos on my blog.

Ethel replies with …

All you need is one of those small cameras you can carry around in your purse.

This coming from one of the three photographers that didn’t bring their big fancy expensive camera.

That would never fit in her purse.

Oh blah blah blah

And so I walked around with my fancy iPhone camera, that I can carry around in my purse, snapping pictures.

These 2 pictures were taken outside of Due’s …

Michigan Avenue …

We ended up at Navy Pier and while the 3 photographers were living it up in Margaritaville …

I stepped outside to soak up Lake Michigan and the beautiful views and thought to myself …

Wait til my lil margarita photography friends see how I can rock this little iPhone camera that fits in my lil baby purse.

And I took this …

And then I whipped around to take a picture of Lake Michigan …

And my darn iPhone died!

&^%&  IT!!!

Have a good day all!

And P.S. I did use Instagram on a few of the photos.

9 thoughts on “3 Out of 4 Friends Shouldn’t Have Fancy Cameras”

  1. Pride goeth before the fall.

    Btw, I’ve still got a couple fancy schmancy film cameras, but I don’t work with film anymore so in addition to my cell phone camera, I also use one of those cameras that will fit in your purse.

  2. Lucy…LOL. And Ethel? I need to know the source of these names. I think I get Thelma’s, lol. Your pics are great, and the one of the wheel is absolutely beautiful! And yeah, what James said about pride and the fall. Hahaha. So perfect.

  3. Jody – I have stopped using my camera…hannah uses it more…but the cameras on both our phones are better than our digital. Great pictures!

  4. There is a magical quality to good cameras that allows them to hide from our consciousness when we’re packing to go on a trip. We arrive, hours later, and realize the damned things are sitting right there on the counter, or the desk, and photogenic things are happening all around us.

    The inverse of this, of course, is when you remember to bring the camera and then there’s really nothing worth taking pictures of.

  5. I wasn’t even thinking about a camera, I was more concerned making sure I had bail money incase we got in trouble! Linda-you would be surprised by the name thing! 😉

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