That Moment When You Ditch Your Friends For A Margarita

Update from yesterday’s post ~ I’ve chosen option 1. I don’t do drama and am choosing to ignore. And thank you to a very special friend who reminded me certain people will self destruct. That brings peace to my soul. And my voodoo doll.


Now on to more important things.

Remember the other day when I accused my friends of living it up in Margaritaville?

Well my friend Ethel posted this photo on her Facebook page from our outing in Chicago.

This is me and my friend Lucy …

Normally when friends or lovers walk together, they walk side by side.

And probably hand in hand.

But not me and Lucy.

Although sometimes we do hold hands.

I love her!

But it would appear, in the first photo, I’m a few steps ahead of her.

Minding my own business.

In my own little Chicago world.

Not caring to walk side by side with my friend.

Who I haven’t seen in forever.

Because apparently my focus …

And mission …

Well …

Was …

Have a wonderful day … and is it Friday yet? Ugh!!!

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