Google Images and N a k e d Barbie

I thought I could do a blog post today and well here I sit.

I thought I could quickly post something and thought I’d grab an image from Google and throw it up on my blog. I search Google images quite often and I need to stop it. Not because it’s copyright to use others images but because no matter what it is I search a … n a k e d … person photo appears.

If I search …


N a k e d person.

And the guys that read my blog have now left my blog and are now searching Google images for popsicle.

If I search deer hunter …

N a k e d girl deer hunter.

If I search Barbie …

Okay, that didn’t come from Google images.

It came from me.

At our family Christmas party.

But I found Barbie …

And she was frozen to the deck … n a k e d … so I put her in the hot tub to warm her up.

Have a good day all … I seriously have issues.

5 thoughts on “Google Images and N a k e d Barbie”

  1. You DO have issues, but I think writing this blog is ideal therapy for exorcising those demons. Besides, it makes for great entertainment!

    And be careful with that Google Images search at work. Oh my.

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