The Emergency Bathroom and Blowing Across the Beach

Adventures with Mother Hooter and Sister Hooter…
Written by: Baby Hooter

I’ve written about my Mom and sister before ~ The Power Outage and The Stoned Flashers

And ~ The dress and Girls with Boobs are Mean


This is a typical weekend phone call from Mother Hooter or Sister Hooter …

Baby Hooter (Me): Hello

Mother Hooter: Are you home?

Baby Hooter: Yes why?

Mother Hooter: Your sister …

I should probably just start standing at the inside of my door with a magazine in hand while sister hooter sprints through my house ripping the magazine out of my hand.

Anyway, there Mother Hooter and I sat chit chatting about her needing a vacation.

Please note: My Mother is a crier ~ See: KY Wildcats Fan by Guilt

And she started crying.

Baby Hooter: Why are you crying now?

Sister Hooter who just finished her magazine article: She doesn’t want to leave Dad.

My Dad passed away over a year ago and is at the house in an urn.

Baby Hooter (Me): Mom. He’s fine. You need a vacation. You love the sun. Go visit Betty (her BFF in Florida) and lay out on the beach all day.

And then sister hooter went there …

Sister Hooter: Mom, I told you before, pack him in your suitcase and go.

Sister Hooter: But just don’t drop him in the sand.




Baby Hooter: The next time you 2 come visit do you think you could not use my bathroom. And not CRY. And not talk about my adopted Dad blowing across the beach.

And thank gosh you both have on a BRA this time!!!

Have a good day all … and you all wonder why I drink.

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