Camouflage Dresses Gorgeous and Beautiful

This is not a paid post ~ I was asked by the marketing team from Mac Duggal to share these beautiful camouflage dresses and I agreed because I fell in love with them.

And please note;  I’m saving my humor for the end of this post …

 I am in love with this gorgeous camouflage dress.  It is so perfect for the outdoor girl!

It’s camouflage in a beautiful and classy sparkly kind of way.

It is truly beautiful!

camouflage dress


~ And look at the back ~ So adore ~

camouflage dress


~ Another gorgeous camouflage dress ~

camouflage dress

~ And the beautiful back ~

camouflage dress

~ And if you like short and sassy ~ So short and sassy camouflage cute ~

camouflage dress

~ The sassy back ~

camouflage dress


And because the Mac Duggal’s marketing team now loves me for sharing their beautiful camouflage dresses  ~



Mac Duggal Couture Dress


I need it wrapped in a beautiful huge box with a huge bow draped around it.

So I can wear it to the next Mac Duggal fashion show they might want to invite me to.

And little do they know, I know how to rock a runway!  I’ve had training!!!

And I promise I won’t have any cocktails until the after party.

I can’t end up splattered across their runway in my classy camouflage couture dress ~

Oh my camouflage couture heaven …

~ Road kill on the runway ~

Have a wonderful day all!  And I would love it if you shared this post with your friends.  I know there is a young girl out there that would look absolutely stunning in one of Mac Duggal’s beautiful camouflage dresses.

If you’re looking to purchase one of their gorgeous dresses ~ Camouflage dresses by Mac Duggal

Website: Mac Duggal
Facebook: Mac Duggal ~ Facebook

Thank you all ~



~ Mac Duggal’s newest-oldest-hopeful-want-to-be fashion model ~

13 thoughts on “Camouflage Dresses Gorgeous and Beautiful”

  1. Jody – If your talent for modeling is anywhere near on par with your writing skills, we would love to have you on the runway. Loved the article. Randy – Marketing Director at Mac Duggal

  2. I love these dresses!!!! Prom is coming up in a couple months!!!!:) by the way Mac Duggal dresses are absolutely amazing in every way! My best friend’s dress for turnabout is Mac Duggal and it is beyond gorgeous!!! Love it!!<3

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