A Thelma and Louise Adventure with Mother T and Her NF’ers

Saturday night I was invited to Chicago with a girlfriend. She was taking her daughter and several friends to Chicago for an evening of shopping and dinner for her daughter’s birthday celebration.

 ~ The Sweet Beautiful Good Girls ~


The girls wanted to take the train downtown but because our dinner reservations were so late, it was best we drove. My friend, who I call Thelma, drove. And Thelma isn’t a very good driver. (According to my 10 and 2 Grandma driving style standards) But I thought with me being in the front seat to navigate, I could yell at Thelma for speeding, riding tail, and checking out the cute guy in the next car over. Even though I just told Thelma to check out the cute guy in the next car over.

So the girls weren’t very happy from the start. You know your typical 17 year old girls …

Ugh Why can’t we just take the train. Ugh Downtown with my Mom and her friend. Ugh. And we have to drive with them. Ugh We are not shopping with them. Ugh. Turn the radio station, please. Ugh It’s hot in here. Ugh Turn left Mother Ugh We wanted to go to State Street not Michigan Avenue Ugh

I’d forgotten how hard it is to please 17 year old responsible girls acting like Mothers who are on a shopping and sushi mission. And because of this, Thelma and I were now the giggling teenagers in our downtown road trip relationship.

Once we reached State Street, the girls wanted to jump out at a stop light.

I was secretly thinking …

OH HELL YES! Bye bye.

And so I blurted out go. GO!!!! Hurry!!! MOVE IT!! MOVE IT!!  HURRY GIRLS!!!

Have fun
Be good
Shop til you drop
Bye bye


I need a cocktail.

And probably cigarette.

And another yummy cocktail.

And a wad of gum so they don’t smell it on me.


Those chicks are brutal.

Holy Mother Teresa and her Nun friends.

Those chicks are bossy.

I was waiting for one of them to reach over the seat and pull my hair like a Mother from the 1970’s.

But we’re FREE, Thelma.


And if Mother Teresa and the NF’ers call to check on us, don’t answer your phone.

And so Thelma and I pranced around Chicago taking selfies. I mean pictures of each other …

Because that’s what young hot chicks do when on the loose prancing around Chicago without their bossy 17 year old chaperones.

This is my … We are FREE from Mother Teresa and the NF’ers pose …


And this is Thelma’s  … I was a cheerleader and homecoming queen and I am rocking these heels prancing around Chicago and Louise eats donuts and I don’t and I use to have better boobs but Louise does now and look at my hair blowing perfectly in the breeze pose …



She didn’t say any of that but that’s what I was thinking when I was taking her picture. Because I wasn’t a cheerleader. I played volleyball. And I eat donuts.

I’ll have to remember not to take such great photos of Thelma next time.

I’m sorry I chopped your head off Thelma.

Anyway …

Thelma and I pranced around all over State Street with no desire to shop.  But only for a desire for some bubbly. And just as soon as we were enjoying sipping our half glass of wine and posing on hotel/restaurant lobby chairs and couches for my Instagram, it was time to meet the girls again.

We better hurry Thelma! We’re gonna get yelled at.

Down it sister!

Thankfully we made it to the meeting point before Mother T and friends.

I was feeling like a teenager who was about to get caught smoking.

Oh $#it Thelma here they come. Hide the smokes.

When the girls arrived, I suggested we walk to the restaurant. It wasn’t a far walk, according to my Google map. So off Thelma and I pranced trailing behind Mother T and friends because they were in charge again. After a few blocks I thought I better make sure I entered the correct address to the restaurant on my Google map.

And that’s when I grabbed Thelma in a panic whispering …

OH HELL THELMA! OH MY GAWDDDD! My Google map tagged a parking garage not the restaurant. O.M.G. Don’t tell Mother Teresa. I’ll get yelled at.  Just keep calm, stop laughing, don’t talk, keep walking, I’ll handle this.  I’ll tell them it’s just a couple (10 UGH I’m in trouble) blocks away.

And then they had to ask …

Are we almost there? It’s cold. And our feet hurt.

Yep. It’s just right up here. (8 blocks away – oh please help me) Isn’t it beautiful down here. I’m so glad we didn’t drive. You girls wouldn’t be able to experience the fun of Chicago in a car. Look at all the fun people. And fun hang out spots. And the beautiful lights. I love Chicago!

I’m now in panic mode …

Just a couple (6 – please help me) blocks away girls! Thanks for inviting me. Really sweet of you all. This is fun isn’t it?!?! I’m having fun. We should do this more often. YOLO, girls!

I love Chicago.

And I’d be loving another Chicago cocktail right about now. UGH

Girls rolling their eyes.


And then I had to go and blame Google maps …

This darn map. It never works right. It should be right up here. I’m sorry girls.

And that’s when one of the NF’ers said …

FINALLY!!! It’s right here.

Oh thank you sweet little baby Jesus.

I was never so happy to see a sushi restaurant in my life.

And I strongly dislike fish smelling sushi.

~ The Girls ~


~ And the beautiful birthday girl enjoying our walk ~


Have a great day all … and coming up tomorrow ~ Gagging on Sushi Fish Eggs

P.S. ~ Thank you again girls for inviting me! Chicago is such a fun place to be!

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  1. Looks like an awesome time!!! Just a hop skip and jump from my work place. I never get tired of the City. SO what was the name of the Sushi Restaurant? I need a replacement Sushi lover!!!

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