Gagging Down Sushi

I experienced my first Sushi restaurant Saturday night in Chicago. I’ve never had an interest in eating sushi mainly because I really don’t care for white rice and anytime I’ve been to a place selling sushi, it smells like a big ball of rotten fish. But I thought … Well, maybe Chicago will have a much better selection of fresh fish than we might get here in Indiana. So I was a little excited about my fishy sushi meal. Everyone I know loves it. And everyone I know that loves it, I’ve always thought … they really have never had real fish. I’ve had friends say … oh hey, you should try the fried bluegill at so and so’s place. And then I go to so and so’s place and I’m sadly disappointed. After fishing bluegill and cooking it fresh at home … no restaurant will ever compare.

So here I am eating a fried potato at a Sushi restaurant in Chicago thinking … I’m about to gag down fishy egg eye ball sushi because I could already smell it before they even brought it to my table.

Gag …


And then they brought it to my table …


And I was all …

Excuse me, where’s the rest of my meal?

This is a portion size of what a bird might eat.

And then I had to ask what is this orange stuff? It’s looks like what you might throw out in the fish bucket after cleaning your fish. But it was supposedly fresh ginger. And then I had to go and make the mistake of sniffing it … ugh. Okay … and … well … that belongs in the fish bucket.

And then I had to go and sniff the other chunk of green stuff on my plate … and it was horseradish. So I’m thinking … this is why they probably serve horseradish with sushi … to kill the smell.

So then I’m thinking … Okay Jody, you can do this! Pull up your big girl thong and gag it down. All you have to do is lick the horseradish and then gag down the sushi. Hopefully the horseradish will kill the fish smell.

And burn my nose hairs.

And with every bite I’m thinking … there’s probably fish eggs in here and fish eyeballs. They probably hid them in here so you can’t see them. As a filler. Just lick the horsey sauce and swallow. Like it’s an oyster. You’re a big girl. Suck it down.

I couldn’t do it. I gagged down 4.

What is wrong with you sushi lovers? Have you never had real food? What am I missing? I like gross stuff like liver. I love seafood – scallops, shrimp, crab, lobster … love! Sushi … don’t love!

Is it just the hip thing to say … Oh, I love sushi. How can you not love sushi. It’s delish!


As soon as I stepped foot out of the restaurant and my stomach was growling …

Can we please stop for a Chicago pizza please! Thank you all for inviting me. It was gaggly good.

Have a great day all. And if you love sushi … you should really come to my house for a real fish meal!!! You’ll never want sushi again.

11 thoughts on “Gagging Down Sushi”

  1. Love it Jody! (your post, not sushi:))

    I can’t take it either, and it’s not for lack of trying. Oh, I’ve tried. Recently our local grocery store started making their own sushi. Local guy and his wife, and they’re really, really proud of it. I took a sample a few months ago because I really had no choice…

    …and I kind of liked it. I thought I had turned a significant page in my life, until the guy told me there was no fish in that sample. And it had been topped with deep fried onion bits and slathered in some kind of yummy hot sauce. It was basically a Chilis appetizer encased in rice. No wonder I liked it! So I tried the “real” stuff. No, turns out that page in my life has indeed not turned!

  2. Haha….next time you make fresh fish at your house…call me!

    I do love sushi….i have to say that I think it is an acquired taste…

  3. I’ve eaten raw seafood since childhood, and didn’t even know they called it “sushi” until I was a young adult. I grew up loving it, and sushi restaurants expanded my horizons in a big way. Nevertheless, there are some variations I don’t care for… particularly the more fishy tasting stuff like mackerel.

    But it’s just like anything else. It’s not for everyone. I can respect that. It just means more for me!

  4. Hi Jody! Fun website! I found it while searching through pics on Pinterest…
    I haven’t ventured to try ‘real’ sushi yet and have only had spicy chicken rolls or tuna rolls (both cooked versions). I do like the wasabi – that super hot green dollop on the side. But you’re right – nothing beats fresh bluegill, especially if you’re the one that caught it! (Believe me, it is a special treat, since I still catch more lillipads and cattails than fish!) Take care!

  5. I dont mind the taste of sushi, but I kind of have to be in the mood for it, which happens about 3 times per year. Like you mentioned, you cant be that hungry when you try and eat it, or you’ll end up racking up a huge bill! I always try and “pre dinner” when I know Im going for sushi. It never hurts to go in there mostly full.

  6. I agree with Joan. For many sushi is an acquired taste, and I’m a perfect example of this. I’m a dirty food kinda guy for sure. Pizza is hands down my favorite food on the planet…always has been. I love my burgers, buffalo wings, fried mozzarella sticks, and you name it. And while at first it was just so so to me but nothing to rave about, let me tell you…these days, I loooooooove me some sushi! :)

  7. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the title. I knew I was in for something entertaining. I have a couple of friends who feel the same way you do about sushi. The first time I had sushi I asked myself the same question you did, where’s the rest?

    I do love sushi but I usually focus on a number of them and eat them a lot. There are some cooked ones if you really don’t like them raw, like broiled eel that are rolled in the same form.

  8. Love that you overcame the gag and burning nose hairs to try it always…I’m with you, never again. Lesson Learned: Don’t smell things that turn your stomach just thinking about it. I’m new to your site but I’ll be back looking for your next funny story.

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